KUGOO Electric Scooter Controller

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Kugoo Scooter Controller
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  •  Shipping Time: non-standard shipping time, expected 7-15 calendar days to deliver
  • Accessories are preferentially shipped from our Poland warehouse, but will be sent from China when out of stock.
  • 100% Genuine - All our spare parts are 100% original and will be delivered in  original Kugoo packaging.
  • Please kindly note that we do not offer refunds or replacements for accessories that are not 7-day quality issues or breakage problems, thanks
  • PS: A shipping cost of 15 Euros will be applied for orders under 50 Euros. We recommend that you order additional accessories together.

  • G3 controller version can be judged by the serial number and motor code. CQG in the G3 serial number means the old version, and DLG means the new versionW in the G3 motor code means the old version, and DSJ means the new version.
  • Controller Replacement Tutorial: 
  • S4 - Controller replacement tutorial https://youtu.be/eNgCodssnfo
  • G3 - Controller replacement tutorial: https://youtu.be/n2vA_CYefOA There are notes, please check the instructions column of the video, did not follow the steps leading to the burn, do not provide a free replacement, thank you for your understanding!!!
  •  M4Pro - Controller Replacement Tutorial (steps are available in the instructions section) https://youtu.be/hs1DU5ZivkM
  • M4 - Controller replacement tutorial https://youtu.be/lNYRKH8pehA
  • S3&S3Pro - replace Controller/Charging Port tutorial (with English subtitles) https://youtu.be/miVv9auKbEo