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KUGOO KIRIN M3 Folding Electric Scooter 36V13Ah battery, NFC card unlock,40KM/H Max Speed

Save €430.00
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4-7 working days delivery
🔋36V 13Ah Battery
🕤40 kph Max. Speed
⚡40 Kilometers Range
⚙️ 500W Brushless Motor
Note:In order to better provide you with after-sales service, please keep the original packaging and foam of the product to avoid damage to the product due to transportation during the after-sales service.
Top speed40km/h
Top Speed in each mode18km/h 25km/h 40km/h
Battery36V 13Ah
Motor Rated Power500W
Hill Climbing25°
Brake SystemDisc brake & EABS
Tires10''Front Pneumatic wheel & Rear Honeycomb wheel
SizeUnfold 115.5*45.5*119.5cm, Fold 115.5*45.5*57cm
Pedal Width46x18cm
Chassis Height17cm
Max load120kg
Charging Time2-4h
IP RatingIPX5
  • Data of specs are typical values in lab settings for your reference only, and could be impacted by riding style, weight, terrain, and weather.
  • Other specs are typical values for your reference only. KUGOO shall be entitled to change without notice for any technological innovations.
What's in the Package
1 Your New Electric Scooter 1
2 NFC Card 2
3 Charger 1
4 Charging Adapter 1
5 Installation Toolkit 1
6 User's Manual 1